Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Leaders- Whether they are Born or Made?

There has always been a debate on whether leaders are born or made. People are trying to find an answer to this question from long ago but still no definite answer has been found. The debate is going on constantly, even when the answer is pretty obvious. Actually both are true to an extent. All the leaders have some inborn qualities which later help them in becoming a leader. If you want to develop inspiring and motivating leaders for your company, the details being described below can be of great help.
  • Logics Supporting “Leaders are Born” Philosophy

The only thing that’s needed right from the beginning in a person to become a leader later is intelligence. A person needs to be smart enough to play the significant role of a leader in his life. But it doesn’t mean that he or she should be Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton. He just should be smart enough to keep things in his favor. You can see that the leaders of the various teams are not always the smartest or efficient people. They are just capable of delivering the results of the tasks assigned to them efficiently.

The most important thing is that what type of person the potential leader develops into by the time of achieving adulthood. A person goes through many phases of life before becoming an adult and experience lots of things which turns him or her into the person they have to be the rest of their lives. The psychological and character traits a person that a person carries from adolescence to adulthood becomes a part of their personality that remains there throughout their lives. These traits play an important role in making a person leader.

  • Logic'sSupporting “Leaders are Made” Philosophy

The basics of leadership can be learnt quite easily. But the difficult part of leadership is to be learnt by sincere efforts. The most effective way is to observe other leaders and adopt their behavior in one’s life. Just select a role model and learn from them. Pay attention to the ways they tackle situations that come across their lives.

Getting feedback's from people and using them to enhance one’s capabilities and performance is a very important thing to be followed by a potential leader. It shouldn’t matter to them, from where the feedback comes from. They just think about examining the veracity of the feedback and ways to utilize them to the produce good results.

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